Technical SEO vs Content Marketing

Both SEO and content marketing are crucial components of an online digital strategy.

If you’re conducting your business on the internet, it’s likely you’ll have heard of both and may even already be implementing them as part of your digital marketing. Technical SEO forms an important basis for your website, while content marketing will help to push your brand’s message and attract the type of audience you need to boost traffic and sales.

It is often debated as to whether one aspect is more important than the other, or whether you can get away with implementing one and not the other. Technical SEO and content marketing are often referred to as two separate parts of on-site digital marketing. The truth is that it really depends on how well your website is performing, or where it needs some improvement.

Technical SEO can refer to anything from URL structure, making sure pages are being crawled and indexed correctly, and generally crawling your site for any errors. This is important to ensure your website is performing the way it should. Content marketing, on the other hand, is incredibly helpful for informing both customers and Google of what your business is all about, which will impact rankings positively.

The ratio of technical SEO and content marketing

When it comes to handling your website’s performance, there should be a ratio between the two services that reflects your website’s needs. If you have found that your rankings are struggling to reach those impressive results, you will probably find there is a technical issue underlying your pages. However, you should also pay attention to the content on the pages too; often websites will have multiple pages trying to rank for a similar keyword, or even duplicating content.

If you’re an eCommerce website, optimising your website can be achieved through both channels of marketing. Content marketing can ensure products have a unique description which can improve sales, while technical SEO strategies could help to make sure the search engine is indexing the products correctly. By measuring your audience with intensity, you have the chance to identify key areas where your digital marketing could be improved. Are your customers dropping off before they purchase a product? Are they reading your blogs but not looking at the rest of your website? By taking an in-depth look at your audience, you can adapt your needs both within technical SEO and content to achieve further success.

It’s important to make sure your technical SEO meets a standard to give your website the best chance of performing well, while content marketing can be used to boost it even further.

Using both side by side

Content marketing can help your business to achieve quicker wins through the likes of social media integration and visual content, which is likely to resonate with your audience. By utilising a full range of content marketing services, you are able to rethink your content strategy to ensure paid ads are transformed into something brilliant, and content across your website remains fresh and relevant. Together with technical SEO tactics like backlinks and web authority, you will find that you achieve a strong foundation for your digital marketing.

Tailor your marketing needs by platform; content will help to boost social media presence, while technical SEO focuses solely on your website and CMS to provide the necessary strategies. Consider investing generously in technical SEO when starting out, giving your website a great boost, but switch to other strategies like content marketing once your website is a little more established.

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