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At Monster, we deliver WordPress websites and development services for organisations in a range of sectors. Offering bespoke design, and custom development your new website will be tailored and aligned to your marketing objectives

Our WordPress web design services are the perfect fit for a range of businesses, large and small. Easy to update, and search engine friendly, talk to us today about a new bespoke WordPress website.


Beautifully designed, bespoke websites built in WordPress

For businesses looking to promote their brand, and generate leads and sales, talk to us today about a new custom WordPress website.

Not only will your new website attract new customers, WordPress is perfect for companies with in-house marketing teams or staff. Looking to update a page or add a blog? With WordPress this is easy!

Looking for a new website? Our in-house designers are ready and waiting to get started!

A WordPress web design agency you can trust

Our websites are fast, search engine friendly and come with a range of features. To reduce costs, and development time, WordPress comes with a range of marketing features.

Looking to add a pop up? How about LiveChat? With our WordPress web design and development services, this is easy and affordable. 

With this level of flexibility, and affordability WordPress should be the number one choice for businesses looking for a new website.

The benefits of a bespoke WordPress website

These websites are easily adaptable, user friendly and are known to be loved by Google and other search engines like Bing.

Furthermore, these websites come with an in-built blog, and are easy to scale, as your business grows. They can be updated from any device, and come with a range of security options.

With so many benefits on offer, a website built in WordPress is the ideal choice for marketing savvy businesses.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is WordPress a good website CMS?

Yes it is. WordPress is a fantastic website CMS.

It is easy to use, and open source.

WordPress is the most used CMS in the world, So, if you ever look to move on from Monster, if your new agency are WP specialists, they can pick up your site and run with it seamlessly. 

WordPress is loved by Google too, making SEO a little easier.

Are there any disadvantages to WordPress website design and development?

Less, disadvantages, more things to consider.

Here are some key things to know and consider about WordPress:

  • Security – don’t use weak usernames and passwords. Hackers will target your WordPress website if you have weak user credentials
  • If you don’t work with developers who can build functionality from scratch using custom code, you may need to use lots of plugins which can slow a site down
  • If you use lots of plugins, they will need to be updated regularly
  • You can only host a WordPress website with providers who host WP sites

Do professional web design agencies use WordPress?

Yes of course.

There are some who think because you can set up a WordPress blog for free, it isn’t used by professional web designers and agencies.

For brochure websites, WordPress is a fantastic choice, particularly for the client. 

It is easy to update add pages, a blog, or change an image.

Will we be able to update the website easily without having to pay you?

Yes, as mentioned above, WordPress can be updated easily by you, our client.

If you are new to WordPress, full training is given, and we can offer ad-hoc training for new starters who need access to your site.

When we say training, it really is just an hour showing you what to do and where – it is very simple.

Which is better – WordPress or website builders such as Wix?

There is no doubt, that if you want a professional website then WordPress is the best option.

Wix is fine if you are a micro, owner managed business that just needs a presence and has a very limited budget.

In fact, we would go as far as to say that a custom designed and built WordPress website is far superior to any free or paid website builder.

Website builders are good for micro-businesses looking for their first site, where budget is a challenge. However, if you are looking to invest in your marketing, we can’t stress the importance enough of having a professionally designed and built website.

How much does it cost to host a website on WordPress?

WordPress has its own hosting partners such as WP Engine, and FlyWheel.

At Monster, we have our own servers and host websites for our customers.

Just like a car or a push bike, occasionally we need to conduct server maintenance and technical challenges crop up.

If you host with us, you’ll benefit from our fast, priority service for our in house hosted website customers.

Do you use plugins and will they slow my site down?

At Monster, we have in-house skilled WordPress developers.

They have the experience and skills to build add-ons and functionality using custom code and advanced development.

Plugins are there if you want to reduce development time.

However, plugins do slow websites down. They tend to be brimming with JavaScript which is needed but slows a website down.

Slower websites often impact the volume of leads you will generate. 

A slow website can also affect bounce rates. Simply put, if you have a slow website, more visitors will leave your site after viewing one page, than if you have a fast site.

Fewer enquiries can result in fewer sales, and slower business growth.

Therefore, you need to balance cost, against performance and the potential growth of a business.

Is WordPress secure?

If you use the correct security setup, WordPress is very secure.

Because WordPress is so widely used, sometimes people set up their login credentials with a username of ‘admin’ and a password like Password1.

Hackers naturally scan the web for easy ways to get into sites and these weak user creds are a way to hack a site.

What happens if I decide to work with another web agency in the future?

The process will be seamless. 

If you switch to another agency, and they use WordPress, they can just pick up your site, re-host it on their side and start working with you.

What are the benefits of WordPress website design?

There are so many benefits to having a website built in WordPress. 

The benefits of a WordPress website are:

  • Easily adaptable
  • User friendly
  • Loved by Google and other search engines 
  • An in-built blog
  • Easy to scale
  • Easily updated from any device 

With so many benefits on offer, the question we would like to know is….when would you like us to get started?

Do you offer WordPress development services or just design?

At Monster, we offer both design and WordPress development services.

If you are simply looking for WordPress development services, we can work with your in house or external design team to bring your site to life.

If you already have a website and need a WordPress specialist to develop your site, our experienced developers are on hand to meet your needs and requirements.