Pay Per Click Agency Services (PPC)

Targeted search, social media, and display pay-per-click advertising campaigns.

Our PPC campaigns cover Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Display. Find out more about our digital paid advertising services for businesses in Hampshire & West Sussex.

Drive visibility, leads, and sales with targeted PPC advertising

Our PPC advertising services help businesses get found online. With a range of pay-per-click agency services for businesses in various sectors, we will help you market your products and services directly to your target market. Our experienced PPC specialists manage impactful Google Ads, paid social media, and display campaigns.

Google PPC campaigns

Our Google Ads agency services help companies market directly to prospects searching for the products and services they offer. Our experienced Google Ads specialists deliver campaigns covering:

  • Google search ads
  • Google shopping campaigns
  • eCommerce PPC
  • Local pay-per-click advertising
  • Remarketing


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Bing Ads & Microsoft Ads

For businesses targeting an older demographic of active desktop users, Microsoft Ads PPC enables you to replicate your Google Ads campaigns and target prospects across its search engine. Although its daily active users are a fraction of Google’s, it is known that Bing can be a valuable addition to any paid search marketing strategy. Looking to expand your search marketing across the search engines? Feeling you have maximised the ROI you will get from Google? Speak to the team today about a Bing Ads advertising campaign.

Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Our Facebook and Instagram pay-per-click advertising campaigns will target highly relevant audiences based on demographics and interest data, and previous account activity. By deploying the Facebook pixel tracking code to your site, we will build and manage impactful lookalike audience campaigns. Based on previous off-platform behaviour, we can target prospective new customers who are likely to be interested in your products and services.

LinkedIn paid adverts and sponsored posts

LinkedIn is an underutilised, highly valuable marketing and pay-per-click advertising platform. LinkedIn paid advertising allows you to target users based on their locations, sector, job title, and company. It is the perfect channel to actively advertise to a defined target audience of potential new prospects. With options covering display, video, sponsored posts, and carousel ads, LinkedIn offers the ideal pay-per-click solution for businesses targeting other businesses.

Targeted display ads

Display ads are perfect for boosting brand awareness within a defined target market. Display ad targeting is based on demographic, keyword, and interest targeting. Whilst you may only pay for a handful of clicks per month, you can achieve hundreds of thousands of impressions across website sites such as:

  • YouTube and other video streaming sites
  • Local and national newspapers 
  • Well know magazine brands – niche and mass market
  • Niche blogs and specific interest sites
  • Local blogs


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SEO Frequently Asked Questions

What do your Pay-Per-Click services cover?

At Monster, our services cover the full suite of PPC ads.

These include Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Bing and Display ads.

If you are unsure which types of ads are best for your business or to meet your marketing aims, our paid media specialists will guide you.

How much does PPC cost?

This depends on the channel.

For Google Ads you pay for each click you generate, and you can cap your daily and monthly budgets.

With Facebook and Instagram ads you can pay per click or per 1,000 impressions (the number of times your ads are seen).

LinkedIn adopts a similar charging strategy as Facebook and Insta – pay per click or by impressions.

If you are looking for some ballpark costs, give us a call and we can have a chat about the potential costs and ROI.

What does PPC stand for?

PPC stands for pay-per-click. This means you pay for each time a searcher or browser clicks on your ads and lands on your website.

Unlike print media, outdoor advertising etc, with pay-per-click you have a lot of data to work with. This data can be used to improve the performance and ROI of your ad campaigns.

How do I find a good Pay-Per-Click agency?

You can find a good agency by searching online. We recommend looking for honest reviews and a good agency should be able to supply a customer reference.

Good agencies are transparent. They will communicate, provide stats and deliver value for money.

We would suggest being cautious around going for the cheapest option. It may seem attractive, but this form of paid media advertising requires an investment of time and skilled resources to deliver positive outcomes.

Why is Per-Per-Click a good marketing investment?

With PPC advertising you only pay for the clicks you generate.

With newspaper, magazine, or outdoor advertising you pay for ad space or placements without any real insight into the actual ROI. Paid and biddable media is trackable, and you use data to optimise and improve campaigns.

It is likely your competitors are running campaigns so you may lose market share if you don’t advertise. Also, more and more people are looking online for products and services – don’t miss out on your share of available business!

How do I increase conversions from my Pay-Per-Click campaigns?

There are several ways to increase your conversions.

You can increase your budget to direct more traffic to your site to boost leads. Secondly, you can improve your landing pages to convert more of your traffic.

Finally, you can lower your CPCs (click costs) to get more traffic from your budget. You just need to be careful not to lower it too much as your ads may not get seen!

Are PPC ads good for eCommerce sites and online stores?

eCommerce pay-per-click ads are highly suited to driving more traffic and generating sales.

Google search ads are used to target people searching specifically for the types of products you sell.

Insta and Facebook advertising is the perfect choice for targeting people based on demographic, behavioural or interests.

LinkedIn helps companies target relevant sectors and individuals with a range of advertising options. If you are wondering why we mention LinkedIn, it is because eCommerce isn’t just for B2C companies.

How long does it take for PPC ads to work?

This really varies, campaign to campaign.

The beauty of this type of advertising is you are sending traffic to your website based on search intent, demographic, or interest related targeting.

By working with the data we receive, campaigns are continually optimised to improve performance.

Are LinkedIn Pay-Per-Click ads any good? And are they expensive?

This depends on your objective. Firstly, LinkedIn targeting options enable you to advertise your products and services to people in specific locations, sectors and companies.

If your goal is traffic, awareness and leads then yes LinkedIn can deliver ROI.

Click costs are a bit more expensive than other digital advertising channels. Therefore, you need to get a solid proposal that offers insight into click costs, management fees and potential returns.

I tried PPC before, and it didn’t work. I’m nervous about investing again.

That’s a reasonable position to take – we understand. There could be some factors to consider.

If you used a PPC agency, they may not have apportioned adequate resources to optimise your campaigns to deliver ROI. If you ran the campaign yourself, unless you are a specialist, you may have made some mistakes that contributed. That’s not your fault – it just goes that way sometimes.

It could have been the budget deployed, or the competition outbidding you. Maybe your landing pages need improving?

Let us have a look at your old ad accounts and see if we can shed any light on this for you.