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Boost your leads and sales enquiries with our Google Ads agency services.

Our Google Ads management service will market your products and services to individuals directly searching for your products and services online.

Drives Leads & Sales with Targeted Google Ads Campaigns

Looking to generate leads and sales enquiries for your business? Our Google Ads specialists will build and manage high-performing, lead-generating PPC campaigns for your business. As a Google Ads agency in Hampshire, we understand the unrivalled power of search marketing. When potential new customers search for your products and services online, we will ensure your business gets its share of the available traffic and leads.

Paid search marketing services for businesses in Hampshire & West Sussex

Based in Emsworth, Monster works with dozens of local businesses in Hampshire & West Sussex. Ranging from established SMEs, and enterprise businesses to small start-ups, and local firms, our Google Ads services are the right marketing choice for companies with a range of budgets. Currently, running a PPC campaign? Talk to us today about a free Google Ads account review to see where we can improve key metrics like cost per click, and cost per lead. Let us get under the bonnet of your account and let us show you how we can improve your campaign performance.

Local Google Ads campaign management

For businesses operating in a defined geographical area, a local Google Ads campaign will deliver the visibility and traffic required to generate highly valuable sales leads. Are you currently advertising in local magazines and newspapers? Our local PPC campaigns will directly advertise your business to individuals and businesses actively searching online for the services you offer. Looking to get more for your available marketing budget? Talk to us today about our local search advertising services.

eCommerce PPC – drive more sales with Google Shopping & search advertising

Looking to drive more sales via our online store, profitably? Our Google Shopping specialists will take the time to understand your most profitable products and categories. From there we will devise a PPC campaign to boost your sales month-in-month-out. Looking to improve your ROAS? Talk to us today about a free review of your Google Ads and Shopping campaigns. Let us show you where we could improve profitability and drive more sales from your eCommerce store.

Our Google Ads Agency Services – what do we do?

The key to our client relationships is our transparency and commitment to ongoing campaign optimisation and performance. In an industry where secrecy often leaves clients wondering if they are getting the most from their budget, here are some of the activities we undertake to maintain and improve ad performance:

  • Professional, detailed campaign build and management
  • Ad copy review and click-through rate analysis
  • Negative keyword removal to reduce budget wastage
  • Keyword testing, cost-per-click (CPC) analysis, and review
  • Conversion rate optimisation to secure more leads
  • Visitor behaviour analysis – bounce rates, time on site, and more

Eliminate wastage in your marketing budget with our PPC services

Compared to traditional media, Google Ads eliminates doubt and wastage from your marketing budget. Our Google Ads services will market your products and services, directly to prospects actively searching for them. Through an ongoing program of data-driven analysis and campaign improvements, we will strive to build a flow of leads for your sales teams to convert from prospects to new customers – profitably.


Display remarketing and RLSA

At Monster we deploy highly effective remarketing campaigns. This ensures all quality primary traffic is not lost and swept up by the competition. Display remarketing allows you to engage previous website visitors with key brand messages and offers across the Google Display Network. Highly effective RLSA campaigns will retarget your previous website visitors when they go on to continue their search on Google for the product and services you offer.

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Google Ads Frequently sked Questions

What Google Ads services do you offer?

We offer a range of Google Ads services. This covers search ads, remarketing, Google shopping, RLSA, and adverts on Google’s search partners.

We work with businesses looking for a small local AdWords campaign all the way up to companies requiring national and even international exposure.

What are the benefits of Google AdWords?

Whilst we can’t tell a business what to do, there are plenty of reasons to invest in Google Ads.

This type of search marketing helps businesses generate leads from people searching specifically for the products and services. Therefore, if you are looking for leads, we highly recommend this form of online advertising.

There are also other wider benefits including increasing traffic, and visibility. It also gives you the opportunity to grow brand awareness among your target audience.

Will Google Ads help to generate more leads and sales?

The core focus of Google Ads campaigns is to generate traffic and leads.

To reach optimum performance, you should work with an AdWords agency. They will be experienced in keyword targeting, campaign build, advert writing and ongoing management.

A key part of an ongoing campaign is a well built website – one that is designed to convert traffic into leads. Prominent calls to action, contact forms and the ability to call directly from the website via a mobile phone are critical components of a well designed landing page.

How much does Google AdWords management cost?

This depends on numerous factors.

Google Ads accounts are split into campaigns, ad groups and ads.

Typically service categories are broken down into different campaigns, with ad groups for sub-services and locations.

The costs of managing a campaign are reflected by the above factors along with your budget, the volume of keywords you are targeting and require managing.

How much do clicks cost?

Click costs (CPCs) vary from industry to industry, location to location.

Essentially it is an auction and you ‘bid’ to have your website listed at the top of the search results pages.

There are other factors that go into CPCs such as quality score, Ad Rank and page experience.

Are Google Ads worth it for small businesses?

Google AdWords is available for businesses large and small. Typically, CPCs are lower for local searches, especially for restaurants, shops and hairdressers.

The beauty of this form of online advertising is there is plenty of data available around click costs before you decide to spend money.

Can I do Google Ads myself?

In the same way, you can fit your own kitchen or fix a car engine, sure you can manage your own ad campaigns.

However, your business offers a specialist service. As specialists you are paid for your expertise – either to ensure quality work is delivered, or money and time are saved.

Also working with an experienced specialist means costly mistakes can be avoided.

What are the different types of ads?

There are three main types of ads.

They are search, search partners and display ads. Search and display are the most popular.

Search ads are designed to generate leads. If people are searching for a product or service and they land on your website, a percentage of these may well enquire or buy from you.

Display ads are designed to grow brand awareness.

Display ads also cover remarketing – advertising to people who have already been on your website. Remarketing is a fantastic way to influence people to come back to your website and enquire / purchase.

I tried Google Ads before, and it didn’t work. Why should I invest again?

Good question – there could be several factors.

If you ran a campaign in house, you may have made some costly mistakes a specialist wouldn’t have made. Furthermore, if you used an agency, maybe they didn’t allocate the right amount of resources to optimise your campaigns to deliver ROI.

It could be down to budget, or the competition.

Let us have a look at your old Google account and see if we can shed any light on this for you.

Which is better for ROI - Google AdWords or SEO?

This really depends on the metric you are using to judge ROI.

If you are looking for a short to medium term return based on leads and potential sales, paid search is a solid recommendation.

As around 75% of searchers click on the organic listings, if you are looking for a medium to long-term return based on traffic and leads, SEO is highly recommended.