How to increase user engagement on your website


How to increase user engagement on your website

If you want to create a successful website you need to bear in mind your users and how to engage with them. From the moment people land on your website you want them to read your content and get in touch about your services. Creating a fast loading website, simple navigation, clear call to actions and insightful content is a must if you want to convert clicks to contact.

Make your website faster to load

Your website should load instantly for users if you hope to keep them on-site and engaging with content. Have you ever given up on a web page because it’s taking too long to load? Even a one-second delay in load times can harm user engagement and conversions.

Simplify your site’s navigation

Finding the information the user wants quickly and easily is key to keeping users on your website. If your website is too difficult to navigate your bounce rates will rise and engagement will suffer. Make sure that your users can find what they want within a few clicks.

Display related content

Effective internal linking makes a website much easier to navigate and find content the user might be interested in. Displaying relevant posts at the end of blog article or service page can be a great way to keep your visitors on your site and informed about other services.

Be mobile friendly

Over 50% of the world’s population used their mobile phones to access the Internet. Making sure that your website loads quickly and displays key content effectively will gain a user’s trust and keep them around for longer.

Use clear call to actions

In order for your website to be a success, clear call to actions are a must. Whether this is as simple as contact information at the top of the page or content prompting them to engage with you and your services, call to actions need to be visible and easy to understand.

Post engaging content

Your news or blog is one of the best places to get new content to your users. Not only does this help create a human side to your business it allows you to post a much greater range of information. Regular posting also helps massively with on-site SEO.

Ways to increase user engagement on your website

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