Everything you need to know about cornerstone content

The importance of cornerstone content

All content is important, but some content is definitely more important than others. Cornerstone content is that content which your website couldn’t do without; it gets more traffic and converts more visitors than anything else on your site. Let’s take a look at what cornerstone content is and why it’s so crucial.

What is cornerstone content?

Cornerstone content is content which builds the foundations of your brand; what your service or product is and why it’s valuable to your customers. This could be content on any part of your website; cornerstone content might often be found on a landing page, but not always. It could be a blog, a photo gallery, or an infographic.

Why is cornerstone content important for SEO?

Google’s search engine algorithm isn’t public knowledge, but one thing that is clear is that content which is high-quality, informative, and useful ranks higher than simple surface-level stuff. Therefore, cornerstone content should, as a rule of thumb, be your most prized content when it comes to optimising for SEO.

Not only should the essentials of good SEO and good cornerstone content go hand in hand, but cornerstone content really should be optimised for SEO regardless. It’s the most important content on your website, and your customers need to see it. If Google is going to take potential customers to your website, it’s best that they land straight on the page that’s best placed to deliver your brand’s key message, whatever that is.

Examples of cornerstone content

To figure out what your cornerstone content should include, start by thinking about what the main keywords are that will bring traffic to your site. What are they, and why are people searching for them? What are the questions that your visitors need answering? Once you know the questions, you can provide the answers: this page is your cornerstone content. For news-centric sites, cornerstone content will consist of recent blogs that deal with highly relevant topics, like this recent entry on UK investing blog Motley Fool, advising customers on how to invest money during the current crash (; whereas, for a company like Cadbury’s, cornerstone content might be something more evergreen, like their product page (

Why do search engines like cornerstone content?

Google has a huge number of webpages to search through for every single possible web search, and cornerstone content is what the search engine is really looking for. Invest the most time and copywriting talent into crafting the perfect cornerstone content and Google will reward you for it.

How do you create cornerstone content?

Cornerstone content needs to be expansive yet concise, entertaining yet informative. Every word needs to sing your brand’s message at full tilt. These are the pages in which you must include only your most unique and creative content which offers visitors something that they can really use, and provides an incentive for other sites to link back to your cornerstone content as a beacon of wisdom in an otherwise dreary informational landscape.

If that sounds tricky… well, fear not. Luckily, Monster Creative can help you out with a range of content services including creating cornerstone content that speaks for your brand; just get in touch with us for more information.

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