Business website tips for content management

Tips for content management

Expert content management can be key to the success of any business website online. If you’re a business owner, you may find the following tips help increase traffic, engage visitors and convert them into paying customers…

1. Review the quality of website content

Creating good content for websites isn’t just about ensuring you add a set number of blog posts and social media posts throughout the month, it’s also reliant on engaging the interest of readers and site visitors. Ideally, content should include links to other internal pages and calls to action to help guide visitors through the sales funnel of a site and towards taking an action – whether that’s purchasing a product or signing up to your newsletter.

You need to create a range of content designed to inspire, including company news, interviews, the latest trends, information on product launches, and articles inspired by the latest research in your field. It’s important to conduct continual reviews of your content to discover what works well with your audience, whether you are capitalising on keyword usage, and what can be improved.

2. Planning content

Creating an annual plan for content helps build a strategy for the coming year. It’s easy to build an online calendar showing dates for suggested topics. This way you can build up a useful timeline for publicising content from your website on a regular basis to ensure you post varied content frequently that keeps your audiences across several social channels engaged. As a rule of thumb, opt for posting twice a week. Leaving blank slots in your publishing calendar enables you to add content on trending issues or newsworthy business content throughout the year.

3. Local keyword researching

Carrying out regular research into top ranking keywords in your sector and your geographical area is also critical for success and is likely to attract greater numbers of local visitors to your site. If you operate a customer service helpline then carrying out a regular review of topics discussed and adding relevant content can be one way to increase the local relevance of your content. It can also be beneficial to base your content around some of the most popular products or services your business offers. Regular reviews of competitor websites can also help you determine what the essential keywords are for inclusion in your content.

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